Fire and soundproof ext.door EI30/Rw40dB

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Door leaf
Painted: the thickness of the door leaf is 64 mm, the surface is a HDF board painted with water based paint.
Veneered: the thickness of the door leaf is 64 mm, the door is manufactured of aluminium plywood and covered with teak veneer which is processed with tinted wood preservative.

Door frame
Thickness 54 mm, depth 105 mm, painted with water-based paint, manufactured of laminated and finger-jointed lamellae.

Height 25 mm, with aluminium wear strip, material: oak.

Double sealing — silicone seals in the door leaf and in the frame.

Based on order.

Horizontally and vertically adjustable security hinges, 3 pcs.

Certificates and Approved technical descriptions: “Certificates and CE-marking”.

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    Fire and soundproof doors

    Fire and soundproof doors are used as exterior doors of hotel rooms and apartments and as separating doors for fire compartments. Our fire doors have successfully passed the sound and fireproof tests and smoke resistance test according to standard EN 13501-2, class Sa, Sm.

    The share of glass surfaces in fire doors is constantly increasing and therefore it is also possible to order doors with different size of fireproof glasses. According to the valid certificate, the maximum height of doors is 2.4 m and the width up to 1.2 m (indoors).

    As the result of tests, we can also equip fire doors with peepholes, which correspond to the certain requirements, mechanical doorbells located inside the door sheet and a retractable doorsill seals.

    Hidden door closers have also become increasingly popular in the doors of hotel rooms and other projects, which is why we have tested the closing capacity of the doors equipped with hidden door closers (50 thousand times), their fire and soundproof qualities as well as smoke resistance. According to the issued certificate, the maximum height of doors is 2.4 m and the width up to 1.2 m.

    The colours of painted doors can be chosen from Tikkurila Symphony and RAL catalogues, which should meet the needs of all customers. The selection of veneer is also virtually unlimited, since in addition to natural veneers, there is also a variety of artificial veneers available on the market, which are based on natural wood and the surface structures of which can be very intriguing.

    Upon request, all doors are also available as only soundproof.

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