Upon request, the customers can also order the transport of the windows and doors to the site.

Measurement of structural openings for placing an order

Measurement of existing openings on a construction site and assessment of their condition is very important in order to prevent further problems.

It often seems that taking measurements is a piece of cake, but for doors and windows, it is first necessary to check the leveling condition of the vertical wall surfaces and to take the dimensions of the doors or windows to be made accordingly, leaving appropriate space for the sealing materials.

Please contact our sales representatives for the price of measurement of the openings.

Installation of doors and windows and dismantling of old door openings

Haapsalu Uksetehase also offers installation services for its products.
Ordering installation services directly from the manufacturer helps to avoid further problems and possible accusations between installers and manufacturers if the doors or windows do not work as they should. If the doors or windows are ordered with the installation, then the potential problems will be resolved by way of warranty, assuming, of course, that the doors and windows have been handled with prudence and that the operating and maintenance instructions have been followed.

The requirements for the installation of fireproof and soundproof doors are much more stringent than regular doors and are regulated by the relevant instructions, which means that when purchasing the installation service of these doors from another vendor, it should be ensured that the installers of the doors are aware of the regulations and use the appropriate fixing accessories and sealing materials.

The possibility of demolition of old windows and doors is assessed by our installers on the site. It is possible that occasionally it should also be refused if there is a risk that the filling of the opening together with demolition will require rebuilding of the complete wall afterward.

The demolition and installation do not include the restoration of the door and window reveals both inside and outside. As a rule, the surrounding area will be damaged to the extent that it is also necessary to perform repair and finishing work on the reveals.

Also, the demolition of the doors and windows does not include the transportation of old windows from the existing building and their disposal. For this, you need to order a disposal service.

Please contact our sales representatives for the price of installation and dismantling.

Adjustment of doors and windows and maintenance of hinges and locks

Everything that moves wears and needs maintenance.

Doors and windows provide joy as long as they fulfill their function and do not start acting out or make any sound that their users are not accustomed to.

Structures of buildings, especially wooden buildings, move for a variety of reasons, as well as door frames and window casements somewhat sink over time due to their weight, which requires occasional adjustment of doors and windows, so that they perform their function and do not remind us of themselves loudly every time when we use them.

Haapsalu Uksetehas uses adjustable hinges for its products, which make it easy to adjust the doors and windows independently by following the instructions. Also, the lubrication of locks and hinges is a simple procedure that everyone can handle on their own.

If you do not have the time or resources for this, Haapsalu Uksetehas provides a maintenance service for its products that includes all the work described above.

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