Wood-aluminium parallel sliding door PANORAMA

The Austrian producer Maco has developed a compact high-quality solution for exterior sliding doors. It comprises of a guide rail, roller mechanism, gaskets and threshold.

The innovative features of an open door include concealed locking hooks, a flush strike plate and beadless glazing. Very narrow and minimalistic profiles provide maximum possible daylight.

Narrow frame profiles
Maximum daylight and best triple-pane glazing ensure comfort and energy saving.

Beadless glazing
Narrow frame together with beadless glazing guarantees maximum glass areas in a frame with minimum dimensions. The aluminium glazing bead enables installing new glass pane later on from the outside and this prevents the damaging of surrounding aluminium cladding and brickwork.

Guide rail with roller mechanism
The concealed guide rail in the upper part is milled to the frame of the sliding door. This ensures the safe and effortless operation of the sliding door and maximum daylight regardless of the sash weight. When you choose the roller mechanism with a limit damper or buffer, you get an even more comfortable closing. In case of a very heavy sash it protects the surrounding brickwork.

Drive gear damper
The (buffer) drive gear damper ensures the smooth closing of the door and delayed return of the handle. (’s position.) If necessary, you can install it later. This is especially convenient with heavy sashes.

Multi-chamber PVC gasket tracks
Two opposing rail bodies both contain one external gasket and internal tubular gasket. The external gasket is effective against rain and strong wind while the tubular gasket functions as the main gasket. The multi-chamber PVC rail body ensures optimal thermal insulation.

Corrosion and chemical resistant threshold ensures efficient insulation against cold and heat. PVC reinforced with glass fibres guarantees insulation in the lower part of the door in order to save on heating expenses. Very light and very durable thresholds can be extended separately. Additional insulation profiles are installed into the threshold profiles to guarantee the best insulation.

Locking hook system
The locking technology is similar to the multi-point lock of exterior doors. When the door is open, the steel locking hooks are retracted completely into the door sash as the handle position is changed. There are no protruding parts and nothing disturbs the aesthetics. When the door is being closed, the locking hooks move smoothly into the flush strike plates, whose internal frame allows to adjust the pressure on the door sealings. (door sealing pressure.) In addition, steel locking hooks provide protection against mechanical burglary attempts.

Entrance step
This is an optically elegant solution which compensates the level difference between the inside and out. It can be easily replaced any time. In combination with the threshold it becomes a solution suitable for, e.g., wheelchair users.

Substructure insulation profile
The new Substructure is adapted on the MACO threshold and guarantees an optimum insulation property and perfect levelling of heavy lift and slide doors.  The use of Substructure should be foreseen at the early stage of design and a sufficient rabbet should be left.


Dimensions and weights:
Width 1600–5000 mm
Height 1960–2600 mm
Width of openable door leaf 775–2475 mm
Maximum weight of openable door leaf: 400 kg

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