Soundproof sliding door

Door mechanism can be installed on the wall
Door aperture maximum dimensions: height 2240mm and width 1160mm
Almost all of the flat internal or designer door types can be used for the door leaf

Allround sealing system – from 302€
Mechanism – from 87€
Cover board – from 6,5€/m
Handle – from 13€
Door leaf – from 91€

NB! Please refer to the conditions necessary for the installation of sound-proof sliding door, and installation instruction.

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    Interior sliding doors

    Sliding doors are used in places where there is not enough floor area for opening a traditional door or where there is a need to separate the room from time to time. Almost all interior doors of Haapsalu Uksetehas can be manufactured as sliding doors. The door mechanism can be installed either on the wall or the ceiling, but it must be considered that the wall adjacent to the door opening must have enough free space to fit the door leaf.