Painted classic architraves

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* Price valid for standard size

A 25 mm thick architrave is made of multi-layered finger-jointed laminated timber that is  finished with water-based varnish or paint.

Architrave widths:100 mm
* Architrave set price (architraves for one side of the door)

1. Architrave set can be used only for unrebated doorset!

2. Only painted offered


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    Architraves help to cover the gap between the rear side of the door frame and the wall, and depending on its size, they can be ordered in different widths and thicknesses. It is also possible to get corner trims.

    The architraves are usually fixed to the door frames with special fillet nails. If you want to fix the architraves without nails, then you should order doors with either PRO or PREMIUM frame solutions.

    Due to the general use of 12 mm thick architraves and, as a rule, the skirting boards of the flooring is thicker, then there will be a dimension difference or step in their joining.  For skirting boards with a thickness of 16 mm, it is also possible to order 16 mm thick veneered architraves from Haapsalu Uksetehas.

    We also offer skirtings of 12 mm and 16 mm thickness.