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When the PRO telescopic frame is used, on the opening side the door leaf remains at the same level as the specially designed doorframe covering the aperture, which allows a door with concealed hinges to be opened 180 degrees. The price of the PRO doorframe includes a custom doorframe, concealed hinges and a magnetic lock. No nails are needed for the door system.

Use silicone or mounting glue to fix the telescopic frame.

The PRO telescopic doorframe is available only for interior doors and for walls that are 92-140 mm thick.

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The PREMIUM telescopic doorframe is especially designed so that the architrave could be easily installed without nails. You do not have to worry about the thickness of the wall, as the architraves will slide inside the doorframe according to need and the thickness of the wall. No nails are needed for the door system.

Use silicone or mounting glue to fix the architraves.

Telescopic doorframes are manufactured in two sizes:
For a wall 92-110 mm thick
For a wall 110-125 mm thick

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The doorframe extension EASY can be used to cover both door and window side cheeks with ease. The frame extensions are made in different sizes and can be finished with either veneer or paint. The extensions are sawn to size on site and pressed into the groove in the doorframe. The factory-processed edge is covered with an architrave, which is fixed to the extension with nails and ensures a proper finish. Grooves in the doorframe are pre-milled in the factory only if the frame is ordered together with an extension. Therefore, this decision has to be made before the door is ordered.

Use silicone, mounting foam or glue to fix the frame extension.

Dimensions of the EASY frame extension:
50 mm - for a wall 107-132 mm thick
75 mm - for a wall 132-157 mm thick
100 mm - for a wall 157-182 mm thick
125 mm - for a wall 182-207 mm thick
150 mm - for a wall 207-232 mm thick

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