Exterior doors

Haapsalu Uksetehas manufactures outward opening exterior doors, which assure flawless use in all four seasons and is therefore the number one choice in the Nordic countries.
Wooden exterior doors need especially professional manufacturing because of our variable and diverse climate they have to tolerate extremely difficult conditions.
When choosing an exterior door, it should be consulted how the insulation, security and the ability of the door to stay straight and stable can be assured. Also, the simple adjustment of the door hinges during the exploitation is an important factor. Due to difficult weather conditions, a wooden exterior door must be critically inspected at least once a year to assess the need for maintenance of the external surface of the door as well as the locks and hinges.

Our product range of external doors also includes fireproof external doors, terrace doors and external doors for unheated rooms, such as sheds or storerooms (model Paviljon).

Design doors

... the doors that are manufactured with utmost care.