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Trendoor is the trademark of Haapsalu Uksetehas, assuring additional reliability for customers through an especially careful product handling. Doors with Trendoor trademark are separated from the general manufacturing process and they are manufactured by specialists with long-time cabinetmaking experiences.
All doors bearing the Trendoor label are equipped with door frames covered with precious wood veneer and with adjustable hinges. The products are manufactured by using a filling material, which gives substantially improved soundproofing qualities compared to usual doors. Trendoor interior doors close softly because all door frames are equipped with a seal.
There are always consumers with different needs and possibilities. There may be a wish to be different from others, to get the best possible option, to enjoy and achieve satisfaction from perfection.
The doors bearing the Trendoor label combine maximum aesthetic as well as technical possibilities in door manufacturing.


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Door leaf

The thickness of the door leaf is 40 mm, the precious wood veneer on the outer surface (on laminated solid wood and fibreboard) is finished with water based varnish.

Door frame

Thickness 42 mm, depth 68 or 92 mm, manufactured of laminated and finger-jointed lamellae, covered with precious wood veneer and finished with water based varnish.




Silicone seals in the door frame.


With a pivot latch (in order to change the door handedness).


Adjustable, 3 pcs.

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... the doors that are manufactured with utmost care.